Some answers … More questions

God showed off today in the fact that I have had very little to no pain. The bronchoscopy went faster than expected and gave us some answers. After an unexpected extra day at CTCA, it is good to see the kids (smiles and hugs). Just can’t get any better than that last part.

Ok, like I said, we got some answers. The bronchoscopy revealed that I do have a paralyzed left diaphragm. Dr. Bechara did get a sample of the milky substance and he feels I have had pneumonia. I guess I couldn’t tell the difference when I was fighting the side effects of chemo, too. I have a sinus infection and as luck would have it, the antibiotics for the sinus infection will take care of the pneumonia, too.

Now to the questions …

We have gathered all the pieces of the puzzle and we need put them together. The nerve that controls the diaphragm come out of the spinal column in the neck, right where I have had all the cancer and surgeries. Needless to say, I have plenty of scar tissue, tumors, and radiated skin that can be pressing on that nerve. Well, if we find that scar tissue is pressing on that nerve can we risk yet another surgery in a previously radiated tissues. The other option might be to leave it alone and let God’s grand architecture, the human body, do what God designed it to do … adapt. At this point my lung function is 66%. Over time, that percentage would go up simply because I am relying more on my right lung. Plenty of people survive with on 50% after losing a lung to accidents or disease.

So to sum all this up, I am asking for prayers specifically for my doctors to use their God given intelligence, curiosity, and ingenuity to come up with some valid option and for me to have the courage to make the right choices when presented to me.

On another note, Big Gene’s surgery went well today. Last time Lori spoke with the family he was in recovery and doing well. Thank you for the prayers but he needs them to continue, for him and his family.

We have a week off on our chemo so that means more time to heal and recover. I know I am looking forward to having this week off. And I know my body needs it. This also pushes our “answers” back another week, but you know what, God’s got this so I am not too worried about when we get answers. I know they are coming and I know that they are squarely in the middle of God’s plan. However, that is not a call for you all to stop praying. Those are still earnestly desired.

God bless all of you. We love you more than can truly be expressed.

AlanGod First