That’s Not Exactly What I Wanted to Hear, Doc

There are times in your life where you’ve gotten all “prayed up”, you have everyone that loves you praying for you, you even have that gut feeling that all was going to go your way. Only to have the legs kicked out from under you again.

So let’s look at this from a spiritual standpoint first and foremost. God was in control before the appointment just as He is now that we have gotten the news. Lori and I will still be faithful and will praise His name throughout.

OK, now for a “what’s going on” standpoint. Dr. Randolph told us the cancer has progressed and I am going to have more chemotherapy. The lymph nodes under my armpits are enlarged, lit up, and almost certainly malignant. The left side of my neck is lit up most likely due to the surgery I had a couple of months ago. I also have some action on the right side of my neck which is almost certainly cancer. On a positive note, the cancer is not in any of my organs. Brain is clear, along with lungs, liver, kidneys, et al.

Now what are we going to do about it. First we praise the Creator of the Universe. He alone is worthy of praise. Secondly, we lean on the common grace He has made available to us all through medicine. I will take Gemzar and Taxol. I will have treatment week one, week two, and will have a break on week three. This will make up a cycle. I’m not certain at this point how many cycles will be prescribed before another PET/CT scan.

What are we expecting as an outcome? That the glory of God will be made undeniably evident to someone who is involved in our situation and a soul would be saved. Secondarily, that this cocktail of chemo will be enough to purge cancer from my body and I will be able to grow old with Lori, see my kids grow up, graduate from college, marry, give us grandkids (IN THAT ORDER!).

So that’s where we at. Please keep us on you prayers as we are still in dire need.

Love you all!