Only Constant is Change

First of all, we that know Christ know this is not ultimately true. But for all the temporal situations, relationships, etc … that we have to face while we tread this sod, it’s about as true as it gets.

Life has definitely changed for Lori and I, and within that change I can point out a hundred different ways it has changed within the main change.

One of these minor changes is what I am reflecting on now. This change has happened before and almost feels comfortable somehow.

As time passed and I healed from surgery and my body slowly ridded itself ofIMG_20130920_145145_067 Gemzar, the chemotherapy that had pushed back my cancer, my hair started to come back in. As seems be the case, my hair was different than prior to chemo. My hair was darker and wavy/curly. I said it looked like a poodle’s butt. We had to do something about that. Even a high and IMG_20130925_201902_816tight military cut could not completely rid me of the waves.

As we got our last PET and started working on what chemoIMG_20130925_210308_622 cocktail I was going to use, I knew that my hair would fall out again. It gave me pause to wonder what my hair would look like the next time (and last time) it comes back in. Would it be darker and curlier, redder and frizzy. Personally, I would prefer to have white hair and a white goatee. I feel that would be more 726px-Michael_McDonald_(singer)distinguished looking on me. Not that I am a huge fan of Michael McDonald, but if I had his hair I could do something with it.

On a more serious note, our friend Gene (Paw Paw) had rehab today. I even saw a picture of him walking up the hallway at the hospital. I am so glad to see him making some progress. Please continue to pray for him.

All this to say, life changes and is unexpected. My relationship with Christ is truly constant. I know that no matter what happens as this life ebbs and flows, that He is always there for me. In the times Lori and I have celebrated good news and the times when so much bad news has come it doesn’t even draw a tear, we know that He is with us. If you do not have this relationship please talk to someone close to you that does. Or you can reach me through this blog. If I can’t answer your questions, I have friends who can.

Please continue to pray for me as I start my second cycle next week. Pray that this is the Kung-Fu Chemo that we need to push back and kill the cancer this time. Pray for Lori as she is my care-taker, my wife, my kids’ mom, and I have no idea how she does all she does. Pray for Gene, the patriarch of the Johnson clan, sage and wise, a lover of Christ and a lover of all the people and children that God puts in his path. Also pray for our dear friends that are facing life’s changes, especially loss.

Love you guys! God loves you!


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2 thoughts on “Only Constant is Change

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. We’re thinking about you and praying for you often.
    Hope the Kung fu chemo does the trick! Maybe you will be able to grow you a ‘duck dynasty’ kind of beard, too!

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