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Lori took me to the doctor here in Rome today. I took several attempts to hand Lori my tablet after writing that last blog I was losing my balance and was falling around sort of drunk feeling, falling, etc…  Lori took me to see Dr. Spencer and they took my blood pressure (132/82) which was fine, and my EKG (122 bpm), which showed I had tachycardia, or accelerated heart rate. He gave me some meds to help. This happened once before several months ago. The CTCA was not too concerned at the time. So I’m not too concerned at the point. Lori keeps leading me around like an old man, it frustrates me to be led around, it makes me feels like an invalid. Bless her heart, I know it scares her to death to see me that way. It scares me, too. Lori thinks it’s my sleeping meds. We’ll back off these for a bit and see how and see how they effect my sleep. If I go back to not sleeping we will get them straitened out. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how bad this cancer sucks. I always seem to fluff up the truth and make it seems like I’m doing so good (the sin of pride is the toughest to lay down, even when I do lay it down it is just me trying to do the right thing), but in actuality it has been a tough row to hoe. This disease being so tough is why I love you guys so much.

I’m going to my friend house on Saturday afternoon, apparently to celebrate Maya’s birthday. but it is the LSU vs. Alabama game. Guess I need to crack out some gold and purple. Haha    No just afraid that the game will be better than the  Appalachian State vs. UGA.

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  1. Alan, sorry you feel this way. I am so glad you are telling “IT” like it is. As for feeling drunk……did you drink some of that wine from your picture ?
    The sleep med I take does not make me feel that way, but the pain medicine does. I am not taking anything as strong as you I guess,but thought I would share that little tidbit. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Love you all.

  2. No one can be fluffy all the time 🙂 and you my friend are an inspiration all the way around. So sorry to hear that you’re experiencing another difficulty, hopefully changing meds will help. Yes, pride is such a hard thing to let go of for most, but you’re still totally awesome. Saying a special prayer for you and yours.


  3. Love you Hope I get to see you guys soon..its been so long. I wish there was something I could do to help..? Prayer of course 🙂 but anything else you can think of you let me know.

  4. Praying you feel better brother… Please wear purple and yellow!! Go Tigers and Go Stanford!!


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