New Cocktail to Fight the Beast

Let me set the mood … Lori is crocheting in the rocking chair, and I am blogging away. We are on  the 5th floor (Penthouse) of CTCA, an open breeze pavilion decked out with teak furniture, cushions and a wonderful breeze.


Today we heard most of the things we were expecting to here from Dr. Randolph. The cancer under my arms and in my armpits is the same as the cancer we have been battling. This has some good ramifications. The Gemzar we were taking was effective on this cancer so we are starting our cocktail off with it. The Erbitux was allowing the cancer to grow so it is out. Abraxane is the new elixir we are going to throw at it. We are looking at 3 weeks  – on and 1 week – off. This will make one cycle. After two cycles we will have a PET scan to see if the cancer is retreating, maintaining, or progressing. If the cocktail is too hard on my blood counts, we have the option to drop to a 2 weeks – on and 1 week – off. If we do that, who knows when the PET scan will come.

Got some prayer requests that really need to be lifted up…

First is a dear friend, Gene. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is dealing with a lot of pain. Secondly, Lori’s niece Jessica was in the hospital last night and her symptoms point to the beginning stages of congestive heart failure .Also, Jessica’s husband Bryant was diagnosed with the same type of cancer I have except his is on his back. I am such a clod of an uncle that’s all the details I have on that. Next, our friend Doug I.. has taken a turn for the worse according to his wife. We don’t have any details beyond that. Also a distant relative, Jimmy lost his wife during surgery for cancer in her abdomen this week. Jimmy and his daughter can really use the prayers in their time of loss. Our dear friends Carroll and Sharon who lost their husbands to the beast this year. Jenny and Cran, and James in the too too soon loss of their son and twin brother John. Also, take some time to pray for the care givers at CTCA, specifically the following… Kelly, Shelly, Kim, Brion, Harris, Joey, Randy, Amanda, Richard, Claire, Taylor, Kathy, Leah, Marcia and many more.

I thank you for keeping up with what is going on. I really appreciate those who take time to pray for me and those I mention. God constantly shows us He is in control and I would have it no other way,

God bless, Good night,


5 thoughts on “New Cocktail to Fight the Beast

  1. Sounds like you need tiki torches and an umbrella in that drink! I’m walking for you and your brave fight tonight at Bartow County Relay! I love you guys and pray this out of your body. Lori – are you crocheting boxing gloves?

  2. Great to see Lori staying busy. ? It is difficult to be away from home and not have your hands and mind occupied in your down time.

    Dear Lord, there are so many people who have special needs, health issues, suffer loss, and are coping with life//health changes. Please be with each one. Let the Holy Spirit be present in such a way that each one mentioned feel the presence and be blessed. I give you praise and glory for what you are going to do. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    God bless you Alan. Sending you both my love!

  3. Reading your blog, at first, my heart broke. My dear high school friend, always my hero. After reading this, I realize you still are. I lift you and your sweet family up in prayer and will continue to do so FAITHFULLY. If there is ever anything I can do, I will always be available! Blessings and love to you and yours.


  4. Hey Alan, Prayers for you and sweet family, too. Your strength and love amazes me and Wayne. God walks with you and holds you near to His Heart.
    To God Be The Glory , and praises to Him
    We saw your Dad today with Pete and Letty. We went out to eat with them, So good to see him.
    Prayers for your friends and may God shower you all with His Blessings.
    love ,Sheryl& Wayne

  5. Alan just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you… I hope you know how much we love you.. Lori and the kiddos.

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