Fall is here …

fall-roadYesterday was a decent day as far as the cancer/chemo goes. However, yesterday at 4:44PM was the Autumnal Equinox which means Fall is here! God’s art is expressed in His fall leaves. I love to see the beautiful colors and feel the change in the weather. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, Winter is next, with summer in the far distance.

Well, I’m in a recovery phase this week with no chemo. Thank God.We’ll be back in theFall-Leaves-4 swing of things next week. Love ya’ll. And I appreciate the prayers. Prayers are such a powerful tool. Amazing that Christ prepared a way for us to speak directly to Him.

Also, September 22nd was Lloyd Wilkie Black, Jr.’s birthday. He was born in 1911 and and passed in 2001. He was my grandfather and was an inspiration, and a living example of Christian life. We miss him terribly but we know Christ had a special place set aside for him in heaven. In his time of passing he suffered with COPDFall-Foliage-1-Large and had many days that were terribly difficult for him. But he tried his best to “suffer well” and he truly set the bar high for Dad, Uncle Pete, and I.





PS. None of these pictures are mine, I just borrowed them off the web.