A visit with Dr. Bechara

Lori and I were glad yesterday was almost over. Talk to our pulmonologist, get a rescue inhaler, have a rehab session with Kelly and retire for the evening. God had other plans. You see, I have been complaining for weeks about fatigue and more recently about shortness of breath. My oncologist asked for pulmonary function test, and a CT scan of my chest and my pulmonologist found something. he asked if I had been sick recently, pneumonia ,bronchitis, something like that. Well I haven’t. So that led to more questions. this floating, wispy, mass in my lower left lung did not show up on the PET scan so it’s not cancer but it has been there a couple of weeks so Dr. Bechara wants to get a sample to be able to determine what it is so we will know how to treat it. It’s 7:40. Prep is 9:00, procedure is 10:00.

I did find out yesterday I have a sinus infection so I got meds for that. That will make me feel a little better.

God smiled on me this morning. I woke up with ZERO pain. I was shocked. I had to move around a little just to see. So this has been the best (physical) morning I have had in a long time.

Thank you God for little surprises like that. Thank you most of all for family and friends that are praying for me. Thank for Lori who I could not fight this fight without. She keeps me straight, keeps, me on time, and gets me there, and loves me more than I deserve.

Pray for Big Gene today as he is having a surgery related to his cancer at 10AM, too.

Speaking of time, TIME TO ROLL!

Love all,


1 thought on “A visit with Dr. Bechara

  1. Praying for you Alan . Praise the Lord for His Blessing of no pain this morning.
    We thank you Lord for being with Alan and his family through this journey. We pray dear Lord that you lighten his load, but if this is not Your Plan,he will still give you praises .Alan and Lori are such faithful servants of Yours ,God ,but You know this. Alan talks with You daily for his strength to carry his burden and thanks you for the joy he finds in showing others how to live. Be with him ,Lord. This I ask in Your name .Amen.

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