The Same Boat I Was In …

A few weeks ago Lori and I met a couple (DI and CI) that were struggling along the path of cancer. He (DI) was the patient and and she (CI) was the faithful, always there caregiver. He was in the same boat I was in weeks before. His cancer is different and at a much different stage, however he had lost a lot of weight and was depressed and was exactly where I was about 6 weeks ago.

We talked to them in great detail about the way I had been and discussed the changes that had occurred since I had been prescribed Megace. A lot of prayers went his way this past week. God had really laid him on my heart and Lori and I discussed what we could do for them and how much we hoped for better days in his future. Lori bought a daily devotion that she has fallen in love with and left it at CTCA for them to get on their next visit. She is so thoughtful like that. I’m just not wired that way.

Flash forward to today (5/3/13) and guess who I find in Infusion. DI and CI. They were sitting in the “corner office” getting 2 units of blood. Apparently, his chemo is rough on the blood system. The good news is that he was smiling and felt like talking. The doctors have given him something to help with his appetite and it was working. He said he had gained two pounds and was eating everything he could get his hands on. I was so proud to see him feeling better. God has had His hands on him this past week and I hope and pray that this is a turning point for him. ┬áHe still has some side effects and still has a tough row to hoe, but now he will have the fuel to help him.

They are very sweet Christians from the east side of Atlanta out I-20. I don’t know how often our paths will cross, but I hope it is regular and often. God bless them and I ask you to pray for them earnestly. It was truly an inspiration to see him today and see the difference a week can make.