Good News and Bad News

Crosses-Gold-and-SilverLori and I had a trying time at CTCA this week. After I had my CT/PET Scan on Wednesday I had a little physical therapy and the day was done. Lori and  I were praying for good news and spent the night relaxing in our room after supper.

Thursday morning came early with pain in my left arm. I was in excruciating pain. Lori and I spent the early portion of the morning waiting on Quality of Life to get in. If you look back a couple of post you will find Dr. Castro. Once again she came to the rescue. She provided a couple of shot and talked about rearranging my meds to make my medical regimen easy and more effective. I am ALL for easier and more effective. She helped me all day to help keep pain at bay so that I could make my schedule and stay on point.

During the day we met with Dr. Randolph to find out the result of the CT/PET Scan. Dr. R came in and said, “I have some good news and some bad news, which do you want first.” I said let’s get the bad news out of the way. The bad news is that I am probably going to have another surgery. It appears that my thoracic duct is leaking lymph fluid into the upper portion of my chest. It is causing the defect in my neck to leak profusely and really needs to be closed up. This has come at a bad time. Let’s talk about the good news.

keep calm

Here’s the good news. Our chemo recipe is a good one. The cancer is being pushed backed. We have our foot on the head of the snake. Each of the lymph nodes have shrunk and are not near as bright as they were on the last PT/CET Scan. We look like if we could keep pushing the lymph nodes would disappear completely. However, we have to stop to make time for this surgery, which can give the cancer time to regain it’s footing.

So that’s where we are at. God has provided a true blessing in the fact that the cancer is going away and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. God has also provided what we see right now as an obstacle. It will be a point of praise before it is all over. We will see this obstacle through in obedience with God’s will.

We also saw Linda U. Her son Jonathan also got good news this week. As of right now, his cancer has stopped growing and that is a great praise.

God bless all of you. Thank you for the continued prayers. Please keep us in your prayers as we still have many obstacles to overcome to see God’s glory.

In God’s Love,


You Are Lucky, Son

Scottish-Lion-Rampant-and-Saltire-Flag“You are lucky, son.” For a brief moment I was speechless. I couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of my Dad’s mouth. We had just been discussing my diagnosis and how it was going to impact my life, along with everyone else (kids, Lori, Dad, Sally, everyone). After what seemed to be an eternity Dad continued, “Most people spend their life talking about their faith, but you are going to get to walk your faith.”

Those words dropped like a bomb. And he was right. It was very shortly after that I began to see God move in mighty ways in my life. From the way Lowe’s helped out beyond disability and returning to work, to my church family rallying around me like I had been the lost son, to the Ironmen stepping up with home projects, to special friends who make it clear by their steadfastness that I am loved and prayed for continuously. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love.

Since then I have been able to walk my faith. I have realized that God is in control of that faith. It is the same faith He gave at salvation. He has just molded it and shaped it into exactly what I need right now. Different circumstances would have required different tweaks to my faith. If I had come from a different background to this exact point, God would have had different tweaks to to make to my faith give me exactly what I need to make it through.

God has given all believers this same malleable faith. It is the “free gift” we are given. It is what allows us to believe in Christ and in turn seals our salvation in Him. But no matter what is going on in our lives, that mustard seed of faith is all we need. God can transform that into a mighty weapon to push Satan’s road blocks out of our path or it may be as simple as faith, if that is all you need. Regardless, God is gracious in the fact that from the time we become believers He has provided us with exactly what we need to cope with what lies in front of us.

Many times we reach a crossroads and are concerned if our prayer life, or if our faith is strong enough. I guess I have said all that to say this. Walk your faith. Understand that you have everything you need right now to handle whatever this world throws your way. God has gifted you with this most powerful gift of faith. If I could have walked my faith prior to being diagnosed with cancer, what could I have accomplished for the kingdom of Christ? So in the end Dad was right, I am very lucky to be able to walk my faith but you are just as lucky. If you can live your life with the realization that God has given you everything you need, you can walk your faith without having a life crisis hanging over your head. Get out and walk your faith and let the everyone see how God has prepared you for what ever the world may throw at you.

God bless!

PS. The rampant lion at the top has become an unofficial symbol for me. It means “deathless courage in battle” when used in association with family crests, etc … I have adopted it to remind me that I have a fight on my hands and with God being in control, all I have to do is be brave, be obedient and never stop fighting.