A Week Off or A Week of Wating

This week at CTCA, even with the barium swallow test and a specialist visits, the week actually went pretty smooth. First of all, due to all the damage, changes, radiation, and scar tissue in my throat and now the addition of a paralyzed diaphragm on the left side, I was a high risk candidate for silently aspirating food or drink into lung. The good news is, outside swallowing a large mouthful of fluid, nothing went down the esophagus. So chugging beer is out (haha), other than that I’m good to go. One of the specialist, my pulmonologist’s partner wants to continue to watch my paralyzed diaphragm since we are not seeing any decrease in quality of life at this point and give it more time to heal on it’s own. Also we met with my plastic surgeon (the other specialist) to look at my neck. Now that we are off the Erbitux he is beginning to see some change and change is good. He also wants to watch and see if it will start to heal on it’s own now. Chemo went smooth.

Speaking of chemo, this was my third dose in my second cycle. So that means I am off next week to complete Cycle 2. And as of November 30th, I will have a new PET/CT scan. It will be time to be “re-staged”. Dr. Randolph and Lori and I will see a few different options. Either the cancer is gone and the chemo will be done or the cancer is going away and we continue with more stages of the same cocktail, or their is no real change or changing the wrong way and that means another formula for the cocktail and a different cycle. Obviously, we are praying for these in the order I have listed. No cancer – no chemo would be optimal. Less cancer – continue what we are doing is second since it means we are eventually on our way to no cancer- no chemo.

We finally saw Joann of James an Joann C. even though we never were in a place where we could see James. His cancer has not changed at all even though he has not had treatments in quite sometime. They are going to check him once a month or once every three weeks to make sure the cancer has stabilized. It was great to see Joann. She is always full of cheer.

So pray for my friends James and Joann, our dear friend Gene who felt some effects from his chemo but has made it back to work. And pray for Lori and I as we try to remain strong for each other as we wait for me to get restaged and my family who will not be silly enough to try and be strong, they will just be truthful and prayerful. Pray Lori and I can set our pride aside and pray together about the worry and concern we both feel and that the Holy Spirit will get right in their with us and comfort and strengthen us.

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Love all of you in the Love of my Christ,

Alan, Booger (according to Lori)