Short Post

It’s strange. This chemo has no discernible pattern as to how it is going to effect me. Last week an amazing week. I had no effects except on last Sunday. This week it split between Saturday and Sunday. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

God stepped up this week and He asked a dear friend of my to help us out. Lori and I had let our truck sit too long. The battery had died, I thought it just needed a charge but our friend thought it might be more. Sure enough, it was DEAD. He fixed it. We really appreciate our friends, now and in the recent past that have silently come to our rescue, no doubt at the prompting of the Holy Ghost.holy_spirit_-_pentacost_jwi1

There is one especially that I would love to name but he’s not that kind of guy. He understands the prompting of the Lord and how that works. Some friends have rescued us by doing things for us, and there are those who have provided the means for us to do what needed to be done. We couldn’t have survived thus far without the generosity and I know we would not be able to survive the things to come without continued help from friends, family, and the Holy Spirit. These friends and family members are great examples for me. I can’t wait to be on that side of giving again.

Answer the calling of the Holy Spirit. Learn to say yes. My missionary friends said that it was hard, but as they learned to say yes, it became easier. It was easier to hear the Holy Spirit ask, and easier to say yes. During this time they saw the blessing truly begin to flow in their lives. So keep your heart open to the callings of the Holy Spirit and say yes.

Love to all of you!


You Can’t Out Give God

I have heard this statement all my life and I have believed it for over half of my life. This week, Lori and I received a note via mail that had a check inside. The person who sent the card simply stated that after paying bills for the month, there was some left over and they knew that “you just can’t out give God.” The card ended saying that we were lifted up in prayer daily and wishing us well. We have never met the person who sent us the card. God sometimes works in ways that are mysterious or hidden to us. Other times, God just flashes like this and you can’t miss His handiwork.

God is also working on me, too, today. Since I have had the week off from chemo, I am really starting to feel a little closer to normal again. I am really glad that my thyroid medicine is beginning to help. My internal thermostat was out of whack due to radiation damage to my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism now and I would be freezing when it’s warm, pour sweat when it is cold. It was crazy. Finally, I am beginning to get stabilized. Other medicines I have been prescribed are starting to help also with my fatigue but that is only counteracting the lung issues (65% lung function). So things are relative. I am so ready to get my body back to a point where rehab can focus on stamina, strength, and range of motion.

Sorry I am really starting to ramble. So I will let this post come to an end. God bless you, God bless our anonymous benefactors, God bless those who pray for us, and those extend love to us in so many ways.

Love always,cross2


With Friend Like This … (Another Surgery!)

Yesterday a good friend of mine and I were texting back and forth and he really touched a nerve. When God gives you friends like this you have to just stop and thank Him for providence. As it stood I was really nervous about an appointment that was coming up. I’m really getting tired of surgeries and that seems to be the only way to resolve the issue I am having with this fistula in my neck.

{Friend} Still headed for Newnan?

{Me} Yeah. Leave around 3:30. No appointments today but first appointment is 7:45am Monday morning.

{Friend} Good luck and drive safe. Prayers with you.

{Me} Thx bro. Meet with the plastic surgeon about this fistula Monday morning. Nervous about what he has to say about it. I’m really getting tired of surgeries.

{Friend} I know you are. On both counts. Won’t tell you not to be and wish I could lend you some strength or take some pain from you. I can tell you if you need somebody to yell at or about, I’m here and good at being yelled at.

{Me} Thx bro. You’re a real friend.

{Friend} Brother I try and good friends like you make it easy.

After my appointment this morning the news was as expected. I will have to have surgery to fix the fistula. The plastic surgeon usually works on breast reconstruction so he fluent in working around the pectoral muscle. They are going to take a small piece of skin, attached to a large portion of pectoral muscle, and tunnel it up from my chest all the way up to the left side of my neck. This will provide “virginal” (un-radiated) tissue with uncompromised blood flow to the fill in the fistula and the skin will give them something to close the fistula. Downside: some weakness will be apparent to begin with but can be overcome with rehab and physical therapy.

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually! 1 Chronicles 16:11 ESV

God is still in control even though this is not the path I wanted to have to follow. I ask that you pray for the things that my friend wants to share with me, Timing on this surgery is really sort of messed up due to Memorial Day so we hope we don’t have to wait as long as they are saying. Having an open fistula on your neck isn’t as much fun as it sounds.

Thank you for reading my blog. Not only is it great to have friends that will “lend you strength and take your pain”, it’s great to have friends that are concerned enough about you to read and keep up.