Needle Biopsy … Blech!

It sounds almost as fun as it is. This one was actually a CT directed needle biopsy. I was able to use some twilight meds and some local anesthesia. The doctor who performed the test said my comfort was the primary focus.

My last needle biopsy was done in the basement/dungeon of the old Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta. No anesthesia, 30 feet below street level pre-WWI architecture. A chair that was older than the building I was in, doctor from somewhere in Asia, could not understand her. World of difference.

Anyway, just had to have it on one side. They believe both sides are similar enough that one biopsy is all that would be required.

Next week we will meet with Dr. Randolph again to get the final results and start our new regimen of chemo.

Keep us in your prayers, it feels like we are starting over. I had the same rush of emotions this morning that I have had before. Sad that I have cancer, disappointed that what we’ve done so far hasn’t worked, mad that I have to endure more of this. God gave this time to clear my mind, filter my emotions and prepare me to move forward. When I collapsed in tears I could feel His arm resting on my shoulders assuring me I will never be alone in this fight.

I read an awesome prayer in a book* Lori gave me …

Father …

I’m overwhelmed.

My burden is too heavy.

Anxieties dominate.

I ask you, God, take my

Problems – replace them

With your peace.


Anyway, that’s what’s happening. Love you guys. Love the Lord and praise His name for all He does for me and my family. And I praise His name for what He is doing in your life and lives of you family friends. Please take time to be quiet and look around. Find what God is doing around you and praise Him for it. Share it with us if you wish. I would love to have some encouraging stories of His love to stay encouraged.

†    God Bless and Good Night ! !

* EVERYDAY STRENGTH – A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Spiritual Survival by Randy Bechton – 1989 Baker Book House