Gene and Jeanie J. and family

Gene is battling cancer. After several surgeries and physical therapy, he is almost ready to start chemo.

UPDATE Sunday 10/27/2013:

Tim stopped by this afternoon and helped with some household project and let us know how Mr. Gene was doing. His chemo is injectable and God has blessed him with minimal side effects. Gene is back at work (Rome High School). Soon Gene will have to go to Emory for more advanced treatments. We believe he will have more side effects but we are going to start praying against them now. We love Bro. Gene and Jeanie. They hold a very special place in our hearts, God be with them.

UPDATE Thursday 10/31/2013:

As most of us know chemo effects are cumulative. Gene needs continued prayers as his side effects are proving to be no different. We love you Paw Paw ! ! !