Fall Has Fell !!

Large5What awesome temps today. Needed to be out in it more. This is my favorite time of year with college football, fall leave, hockey starting up again. Typically I’m gung ho about duck season but I may have to sit this one out his year (with the exception of some perfect spots and friends that don’t mind or even prefer shooting them off the water.) Oh well, we’ll see what comes of it.

2 thoughts on “Fall Has Fell !!

  1. are you aiming the “shoot ’em off the water” remarks at me??? lol

    hopefully, we’ll have a few spots we can just drive up to this year. Plenty of water

  2. Actually, the person I “aimed” it at knows without asking, but it is funny that more than one thinks it is about them. Makes me wonder about the group of people I am hunting with. {SHORT PAUSE} OK, I have thought about it and wouldn’t change a thing.

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