Karen Baldwin and Robert Smith

Karen has been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. Today she was having a surgery to remove part of the infected kidney. Robert is her Dad and caretaker. Robert has a plethora (10) of kids, (65) grandkids, and, oodles of (45) great grandkids. We pray for her speedy recovery and ultimate healing from surgery today.

Amanda W.

Amanda works at CTCA infusion. She was one of the first techs to give me my chemo here. Now she is Manager of Infusion. She has a brother who is married and has given her a nephew that she is so proud of. You can just see her eyes light up talking about him. She was able to give us our chemo today because they were swamped. It was like old time. W  O  W  at the growing pains ! !

Amanda has such a sweet heart and God fills that heart. May she walk and work forever in basking in the glory of God’s grace.

James and Joann C

Pray for James and Joann as James continues to battle a puzzling cancer. It has not grown or shrunk or changed at all recently. He has been taken off his treatments and will be watched CLOSELY for any changes.

Roy Woods

Ken Woods father, Roy Woods, broke his leg badly on October 4th. They had to install external rods to lengthen and realign his lower leg. In the process of healing this started throwing clots from his legs to his lungs. They put him on blood thinner and told him he will have to stay in the hospital until after his next leg surgery, now scheduled 10/25. Please be in prayer for his continued and timely recovery, and for his family who will be there to comfort him.

UPDATE FROM KEN ON Fb around 10AM Saturday 10/19: Ken Woods Shirley Gilley Worthington, broke/crushed both bones in lower leg, had 2nd surgery yesterday, in for a long recovery. Been a very scary 2 weeks after having multiple blood clots in both branches of lungs & several other complications. Keep him in your prayers- hope to come home Monday..thanks

UPDATE FROM KEN: 11/15/2013 11:30 Ken’s dad id past the critical blood clot stage. He still has a ways to go with rehab etc… on the broken and surgically repaired leg. I’m sure prayers are still requested.