Can’t Believe My Eyes

IMG_20131009_091551_426One of these is mine and the other belongs to no other than my no coffee drinking, no tea drinking, supposed to stay away from caffeine, wife, Lori. I can’t believe she is drinking the Kona blend. She said she couldn’t tell any difference, but I could. I guess I am becoming a bad influence.


UPDATE: October 21,2014

Lori has been stopping by the store after dropping off the kids and buys me a Kona Blend Monster. When I pop the top she always wants a small cup full. She has not bought one this week and I have not had any energy. I’m going to have to get her back in the habit of stopping in the mornings. It is easy to get hooked on those crazy things. But I love ’em!

¡Hasta la vista!


1 thought on “Can’t Believe My Eyes

  1. Yuck 🙂 I just prefer good ol’ sugar & creamer coffee.. Glad Lori is spoiling you 🙂

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