Boykin Search

Maddux2Well, Lori and I have found the dog we want. His name is Maddux. He is 8 years old. Trained to duck/dove hunt, fetch, house broken, kennel / crate trained and 45 lbs. He is not exactly what we started looking for but being fully trained means A LOT to me. This is Maddux. We are waiting tonight to see if another couple decides to take him. I’m praying that for some reason he just doesn’t fit their criteria.

Secondly, we are waiting on the BSR to approve our application. They are quite intent on weeding out people that are less than serious about these dogs. I had to give (3) professional references and (1) personal reference. They asked about all my past dogs, I had to call our vet to release our pets information. So that is still hanging over our heads.Buddy2

Lori found one named Buddy. This is Buddy. He is 3 years old and is house broken and obedient but does not have any hunting skills and has boundless energy, unlike Maddux who calms down relatively quickly (due to age and wisdom). He is a gorgeous dog, 35 lbs. But he is admittedly rough around the edges by the foster parents. Also, he is not ready to adopt so we would have to wait until he is ready.

We are getting ahead of ourselves as usual. We need to put some more knee time into this one and God will work it out as He see’s fit. And with the things I’ve seen Him do lately, I can’t wait to see what He wants us to do.

Just my thoughts,


UPDATE 11/15/2013 9PM           God has provided in his timing. He has given us an opportunity to adopt a 2 year old Boykin female. We will try and get her next week. This is Abby sleeping on her foster parent lap.