A Book Report

AngelI just finished reading “The Shack” by William Paul Young. And this morning my devotion was talking about how God has sent angels into our lives. And reading the Bible and listening to sermons we always hear that when angels appear to men the first words out of their mouths are “Do not fear …”.  It has really opened up my imagination to what Heaven will be like when we get there. Is it going to be warm and familiar or will it gold and silver bright lights or will it be different for each of us yet us be able to react as if in the same reality. Or will it simply be beyond anything we can comprehend with our limited mental capacity that we have in this tattered tent (according to Paul) that we live in now. My mind keeps going back to “Do not fear …” and how that will come across when and if I see an angel while I am still on earth.

Angel1We have all heard stories of angels that appear as normal people that show up out of no where, save someone from a tragic end and then vanish into the gathering crowd never to be identified or seen again. So we know that angels can appear to us in forms that we need to see them in. So if God has installed this power on his creation (angels), it is obvious that He has that power for Himself. I feel believe that He could not appear to us in a manner that we need would be limiting His power of love for us. God loves us so much that He can do anything He feels necessary to reach out to us.

Well that’s my random thought for the morning. I hope it makes you think about what heaven, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, angels, other loved ones that have gone before us, will look like and how we will be able to react with them. You know, without all the baggage we carry as humans on this planet. All I know is it will be more than we can imagine with out finite minds and it will be more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Just thinking (Lori says that is when it gets dangerous),