Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. PHILIPPIANS 4:13 NKJV

A lot has transpired since Alan last wrote in his blog. He recently had a major surgery where they took a muscle from his chest and flipped it up over his collar bone to fill in the fistula (hole, tunnels) in his neck from a previous surgery that didn’t heal right. The surgery ended up being a little bigger than what he had expected and spent longer in the hospital than originally told he would be in for. His CTCA family (doctors, physical therapist and nurses from other departments) kept him company by coming by on their breaks or after they got off work just to check on him and I can’t thank them enough for stopping by because it sure did help him get through each day. Just another testament about this wonderful place called CTCA.

We get Alan home from surgery and we have to put our son in the hospital for a pneumothorax. Part of his lung had collapsed and he spent a few nights in the PIU. He pulled thru like a trooper. He amazed everyone there including me, knowing that it was a very painful procedure. They told him that what he had done (without pain medicines) made grown men cry and he didn’t even shed a tear. Can’t tell you how tough that was on both Alan & I and of course our son. It was really hard on Alan because he couldn’t be there with him and tough on me because I didn’t have my husband by my side and knowing I wanted and needed to be two places at the same time was very difficult. I asked Alan if he wanted a twin of me so I could be at both places and he said NO, that one of me was enough. LOL

God just continues to show us how awesome He is. No matter what circumstances or health issues arise in our family, God continues to show us that He is in charge and I have never been more aware of His presences in our lives as I do these days. Thank you God for once again showing up and showing off!

Prayers go out to Asa.M., praying you got good results today from you scan so you can be finished with treatments; John.W., praying that radiation & chemo kicks the cancer’s butt and you can head back home to N.C in time to celebrate that wedding anniversary; Doug I., praying for healing so you can get back to your old self using your talents to photograph God’s beautiful creations. And to all you wonderful caregivers; Laurie, Monika and Connie, praying for God to give you the strength, energy, patience, wisdom and laughter to help you and your loved one get through each day because you are God’s gift to these wonderful men battling this terrible disease.